An Appeal and A Clarification

Dearly beloved in the Lord,
                                                The much awaited MICEU Diamond Jubilee Celebrations is around the corner just 10 days away (6th Dec, 2011-Tuesday). However, with registrations made so far just reaching 100 as against the target of 450, we were wondering what the matter was!
            Though we coined on 6th Dec. (Tuesday) as it is a State and Central Government holiday (Muharram), it is a working day for private industries, software companies and even some private colleges. So the solution?!
            May I request you to take a day’s off CL/EL or whatever your eligible leave and please come for the MICEU Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, since this event will have a positive impact on the ministry for years to come. Please avail this leave for the sake of the ministry.
            I also appeal to all those who are yet to register, please do it either online ( or by filling up the form. You will be given a registration ID immediately. All those who register will be contacted by the area treasurer or a MDJ committee member and will collect the registration fee.
            One of our early days’ MICEU members (student during 1957) excitedly told me that she had registered already and wanted to know how to pay the registration. It was encouraging! As we met some of the EGF cells, we found that invitations are slowly moving out. However we have also sent an invitation to each family by post. A student leader was asking me, “Uncle what is the objective of the program?” Let me clearly state it once more.

The Objectives:

  1. To celebrate God’s faithfulness in past years; to thank him for raising a student witness in city colleges and for spreading graduates to the length and breadth of this country and around the world, as witnesses.

  1. To impart the vision and the mission to the present generation of students and young graduates, ‘to ripple’ for years ahead, till the Lord comes.

So, beloved of the Lord, please register immediately and see you on the 6th at MCC high school, Chetput. Encourage others whom you know, who were part of MICEU/MEGF to register too! We also invite all who were staff (UESI or UESI-TN) at anytime in Madras/Chennai to be our guests.

“………..the remnant…….take root downward and bear fruit upward” II Kings 19:30

                                                                        With Christian love and greetings

                                                                        Chairman-MDJ committee